About Pathways For You

We are a family business that has been established for over 25 years. We provide all types of large format signs (indoor and outdoor), posters, factory signage including floor decals that are used for way finding and direction. We have customers in Canada and the United States.

Our family has several members on the Autism Spectrum. Watching them grow and learn has played a major role in the establishment of the pathways (floor decals) being offered on this website.

Through their experiences, we have a unique perspective on what helps children of varying abilities.

Our daughter (a Licensed ECE with a Diploma in Autism and Behavioral Science) helped us understand the needs of her children with autism, which in turn helped us understand what would help.

How We Got Started

We were contacted by a teacher (P+CYW Performance Plus Child Youth Worker) from York Region who had seen a pathway and wanted to design something for her school. With her help and some creativity from us and our family members, we came up with our version of the pathways being offered.

Pathways 4U was established in order to fulfill a growing need in schools, childcare centres, children’s camps, and other child-centred venues. The expectation for children to calm themselves in a variety of scenarios has become more prevalent. Self-regulation has become a required skill for children of all ages. For children to develop the ability to get their emotions under control, they need the tools allowing them to do so. That’s where Pathways 4U comes in.

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