“My name is Tammy McGrail and I am a Performance + Child and Youth Worker with the York Region District School Board.  As soon as I heard what a Sensory Path was, I knew our school just needed to have one.  After pulling together a team, we created our very own Sensory Path and with the incredible help of Dave and his Son at 21st Century Documents, our vision came to life.  The path has been a HUGE hit amongst all students from JK straight up to Grade 8.  It is now a part of our community classes everyday routine and many other teachers use it daily as a break for their students when they have done a lot of sitting in class or are in need of a movement break.  Students and Teachers have both come up with games that can also be played on the sensory path, giving it many layers and uses.  The best part is walking through the hall and seeing students doing it as they transition from one class to another.  It has been an amazing addition to our school for both staff and students alike.”

Tammy McGrail

“Our school has used printing services from 21st Century Documents for the past several years. They have supported us in creating vibrant spaces in our Learning Commons/Library, signage for our property and hallways as well as help in designing and printing a sensory path for our students. They produce high quality, colourful products at a reasonable rate . The products are durable and most importantly, engaging to our students.”

– Greg McClelland

“We have had great success with our sensory pathway. The morning after it was installed (by School Council and staff members) the children came in and were so excited to try it out. The path is a visual circuit for the children to follow.  It starts at the schools logo and then moves along one side of the hallway then down to the other. There are various elements along the pathway that allow for both physical and educational learning to take place. It is a great self-regulation tool allowing children to focus on the activities along the path and regain control before returning to class. The community class uses it regularly as a mindfulness activity when children need a body break during the day. It allows for a safe and appropriate way to clear the mind, move the body and regain focus.

Thank you 21st Century Documents for creating such an amazing product to enhance the school environment!”

– Lucy Willer